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First of it's kind

KuKachu ($KUKA) smart contract is the cutest at launch. KuKachu is a community driven. Train and HODL your KuKachu to the top of the Training Grounds and enjoy the rewards.

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Train & HODL your $KUKA
for a chance to win a Tesla

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Kukachu Features

KuKachu is a hyper-deflationary token,
which rewards investors for holding tokens through reflections and eligible to win awesome prizes!

Anti-Whale Manipulation

To prevent whales from manipulating the price and controlling the market on KuKachu we restricted them by rejecting any transactions (sell/buy and wallet transfer) that trade more than 0.05% of the total supply.

Bot Protection

Whenever someone sells their KuKachu tokens they have to wait for 2 hours to be able to do so again (2 hours on selling)

Dump Prevention

No one is able to sell their KuKachu tokens on exchanges during the launch day, this will help maintain a healthy chart and help attract more investors/holders.


Frequently Asked Questions

Training = staking. HODL = Hold your $KUKA for the best rewards.

  • 1. The more $KUKA you HODL the more chance you get
  • 2. HODL
    • - If you sell your $KUKA, you lose your Tesla Lottery Tickets.
    • - Future development —> Staking mechanism. $KUKA Staking = Get LP = Lottery ticket per $KUKA.

We have implemented a feature that is anti-bot. Our smart contract registers if the buying one is a smart contract yes or no. If it’s a smart contract, normally it’s similar to a bot. The rule in the code is only for the first week. The best time to buy $KUKA and make the best profit for bots is in the first week. So the coin is the most attractive for bots @launch and a week from that. We want to counter that.

We just took the concept of Safemoon and we collected the best features of all launched meme coins. Our combination is new, unique and has never been done before and also written from scratch by top notch dev. Also the code will be audited by a well known company.

No pump and dump. Hence the anti-bot features and also the locked time for selling. The usecase is simple: Buy kuka → win tesla. Later on we will put up new kinds of lottery features.

Anti-dump. Mostly there are many bots in the first 24h. That’s why we implement these features. There will always be dumpers. No doubt on that. But at least it will be less than no 24h sell restriction.

After 24h we have another mechanism like the 5 minute cooldown for selling. Plus we have a maximum sell percentage of 0,05% of the total supply per transaction. You can have a maximum of 1% of the total supply per wallet.

Locked. If there will be a bug, we want to improve the product. If $KUKA wasn’t a real project and doesn’t need upgrades you would choose for the burn option. If you are a real project, you need opportunities to upgrade your token contract and implement new features. If you burn liquidity as a team you will never be able to fix things in the future, because the liquidity is gone (burned).